1.2 We only supply the warranty to the product quality,Other indirect losses are not in the

Warranty range,such as stoppage losses,additional cost and credit losses.

1.3 The warranty do not include any special requirement exceed the User Manual and the Contract.

2.Warranty Period and Range:

2.1 The warranty start time should according to the Sale Invoice.

2.2 The compents warranty period in one year or working 2000 hours(according to reach any one first)as below: Machine Frame,Work Arm,Rack,Gear,Chain Wheel,Cab,Fuel Tank,Hydraulic Tank.

2.3 The compents warranty period in six month or working 1000 hours(according to reach any one first)as below: Wheel Rims,Bearings,High Pressure Hose,Tube, Radiator, Pulley, Muffler,Bucket,Plunger Pump,Gear Pumps,Motors,Steering,Walking Valve,Multiple Valves, Cylinder(except for seals).

2.4 The warranty period for the attachments with the machine is six months,such as Breaker, Auger,Digger,Fork and so on.

2.5 Engine warranty according to its manufacture warranty rules.

2.6 Other all compents warranty period is six months or working 1000 hours(according to reach any one first),expect for the ones in the above Term 2.2,2.4,2.5 and Term 3 below.

3.Exceed Quality Warranty Range:

3.1 We will not warranty the product, if there is not the Users Warranty Registration Card,

Or Product Quality Certification, or the machine model, machine S/N is not the same as which written on the Users Warranty Registration Card(the User Warranty Registration Card is invalid if it is alter).

3.2 Exceed Quality warranty period, not satisfied the terms of warranty.

3.3 Do not according to the operating instruction, and do not satisfied the maintenance, The transfer and storage method is not correct,overload cause the compents damage.

3.4 The quality problem is caused by poor experience,improper use,accident,natural disasters or force majeure and man-made damage.

3.5 The user amend the structure himself and did not get the agreement of the agent or our company,destroy the fault scene, can not do the identify.

3.6 Damage caused by using other attachments which is not supply by Saintyol DAWIN.

3.7 Damage cuased by the maintenance man who is not confirmed by Saintyol DAWIN.

3.8 Damage caused by collision,splash hit,atmosphere or chemical corrosion.

3.9 The compents still can be used after simiple adjustment and maintenance.

3.10 Easy to wear and tear items which are not belong to the quality warranty range.

3.10.1 Knids of oil,filter elements and other compents which need to maintenance during the

Guarantee  period,such  as  hydraulic  oil, lubricationg  oil,antifreeze,  electrolyte,  engine  oil  filter,air filter,fuel filter ching ,hydraulic oil filter in the filter.

3.10.2 Electrical components such as: plugs, sockets, wiring harness, fuse (main circuit and control loop), lighting (headlights, a small lamp before and after combination lamp) light bulbs, various relays (start, middle, security, etc.), the kinds of switches (brake, steering, reverse, light, zero file, start preheating, etc.), batteries, all kinds of instrumentation.

3.10.3 other consumables such as: tires, bucket teeth, chains, knives plate, transmission belts, various seals, gaskets, rubber tubes, bushings, instrument covers, glass products, nuts, bolts, washers, gaskets , cotter pin, cushion, shock absorption pads, gas springs, adjusting pad, jacket, pull, non-slip pedals, edging strips.