Use backhoe loader to reduce damage operation


In the construction of mechanical mines, tunnels or other projects backhoe loader, because it can switch between excavators and loaders, one machine can be used for multiple purposes, which not only reduces the investment in engineering project mechanical equipment purchase, but also improves work efficiency. As for construction machinery, the use of backhoe loader will be affected by environmental factors and human operation and management factors. Environmental factors are inevitable. Therefore, we are required to take some measures to reduce mechanical damage from the operating procedures:

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    1. If the backhoe loader boom is suddenly braked while it is lowering, the impact force caused by its inertia will damage the excavating device, and can destroy the stability of the machine and cause a tipping accident. During operation, the control handle should be stable and not move sharply; when the boom is lowered, the brake should not be halfway. Do not use high gear when digging.
    The rotation should be stable, no impact and used to hit the side of the groove. The buffer block at the rear end of the boom should be kept intact; if it is damaged, it should be repaired before use. When shifting, the digging device should be in the intermediate transportation state, the backhoe loader outriggers should be retracted, and the lifting arm should be lifted.
    2. Before the backhoe loader loading operation, the slewing mechanism of the excavator should be placed in the middle position and fixed with a pull plate. During loading, a low gear should be used. The floating position of the valve should not be used when the bucket lift arm is lifting.

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    3. Avoid backhoe loader high speeds or sharp turns during driving to prevent accidents. Do not slide in neutral when going downhill. When the hydraulic piston rods of the bucket and the bucket handle are kept in the fully extended position, the bucket can be moved closer to the boom, and the excavating device is in a short state, which is conducive to driving. When driving, the outriggers should be fully retracted, the digging device should be firmly fixed, the loader loading device should be lowered, and the bucket and handle hydraulic piston rod should be kept in fully extended position.