What do we do to the backhoe loader maintenance work?


Backhoe loader has always been a piece of equipment that many of our construction companies will choose. It is also a piece of equipment that our Saintyol DAWIN Machinery Co., Ltd. has been choosing to produce for so many years. In the daily talks with customers, we learned that many customers I have a good knowledge of the driving skills of both ends, but I don't know anything about the after-sales maintenance problems of the two ends. Let's briefly talk about this issue with you, hoping to help you.
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When we do daily maintenance work, we should focus on the position of the backhoe loader tires as much as possible, because most people will see that in order to avoid skidding, there will be anti-skid patterns on the tires, but these anti-skid patterns are also caused The culprit of tire blowouts is because the small stones and iron filings in the anti-skid pattern can cause tire blowouts due to excessive pressure. Therefore, in order to be responsible for the personal safety of ourselves and others, we must do a good job of maintenance work as much as possible It is necessary to pick out the pebbles mixed in the backhoe loader tires so that there will be no problems.
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