Wheel Loader Use Skills


In highway engineering, a wheel loader can be used to strip the surface soil. In this case, the front end wheel loader should use a straight blade bucket. When shoveling, first put down the bucket and turn it to a certain shovel angle (10-30°) with the ground, then the machine moves forward with I block, so that the bucket blade cuts into the soil, and the cutting depth is generally maintained at about 15-500px . To repair the uphill road (early road), first make an uphill platform for yourself before the uphill road (just scrape it casually), prepare the slope (see the specific site) and start shoveling upwards, and the bucket is leveled to control the big slow shovel (it is a slow shovel) Oh, the advantage is that the soil is loosened and shoveled, leaving solid soil. When the wheel loader is transporting tall or unstable objects, the workpiece should be tied to the shovel frame, and the shovel frame should be tilted to a fixed position before starting to prevent heavy objects Dumping. When refueling, the driver should not be in the car, turn off the engine, and do not ignite when checking the battery or fuel tank level.

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The shoveled soil is best returned to both sides of the inverted road. Let the forklift move back and forth to make the road firmer. Control yourself to see if you can.) When shoveling uphill, you will find that the bucket is not leveled. Bucket and bucket teeth are shoveled down in sequence, and the road is smooth and strong. There is no need to explain the downhill road. When the wheel loader engine is hot, the water tank cover cannot be easily opened. When the wheel loader stops working, the work should be removed from the bucket. If the driver leaves the cab halfway, he must lower the fork to the ground, put the gear handle in neutral, turn off the engine or disconnect the power supply, and remove the key before leaving. After the work is completed, the loaders should be lowered to the ground, the maintenance and cleaning of the vehicles should be done well, and the vehicles should be parked at the designated place to implement civilized operations.

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