Several things you need to know when using a self-loading concrete mixer truck


The use of the loading concrete mixer needs to do all things well, especially the details must not be omitted, so that the self-loading concrete mixer can better serve us. Let's talk about several things you need to know when using a self-loading concrete mixer truck:
Self-loading Concrete Mixier Truck
1. When unloading the self-loading concrete mixer truck, if you find that the water evaporates and the slump is too low to meet the user's requirements, you can properly add water to the cylinder, and then rotate at a speed of 10-14r/min for 30 revolutions before unloading , So that the coagulant is fully stirred.

2. During the no-load operation of the self-loading concrete mixer truck, the mixer drum shall not be stopped to avoid local collisions between the raceway and the supporting roller, which may cause abnormal damage to the supporting roller and the raceway.

3. During winter construction, it should be done: check for icing before starting; carefully remove residual water in the mixing drum and water supply system when off work, turn off the water pump switch, and place the control handle in the "stop" position.

Fourth, the water tank should be filled up frequently to prepare for emergency use. Before adding water to the water tank, open the air release valve to release the air in the tank; open the air valve when flushing, and release the air in the water tank when the flushing is completed or when it is out of service. When parking in winter, there must be no remaining water in the water tank and water supply system to prevent freezing and cracking. The water tank is only pressurized automatically when the water is supplied. How to use the concrete automatic feeding mixer safely Do not drive on the highway with a pressurized water tank.
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5. Choose a suitable engine oil label, pay attention to the tire pressure, use high-viscosity engine oil in summer, and the tire pressure should not be too high; use low-viscosity engine oil in winter, and the tire pressure should not be too low.

The use of the automatic feeding mixer is skillful. Everyone must be familiar with the operation method of the machine and use it correctly.