The details of driving an automatic self feeding mixer truck


Paying attention to details is the principle we must abide by when we do things. This is especially true when driving a self-loading concrete mixer. The details of driving a self-loading concrete mixer are:
concrete mixer self loading concrete mixer
1. Bring water-reducing agent with the vehicle: Water-reducing agent is a concrete admixture that can reduce the water consumption for mixing while maintaining the slump of the concrete. It can be carried on the vehicle and can adjust the concrete well. .

2. Return to the factory to check the amount of water in the tank: every time the task is completed and returned to the station, check the amount of water in the water storage tank to keep the water in the tank full at any time, in case of emergency.

3. Check the quality of concrete before leaving the factory: the quality of each plate of concrete may change due to different raw materials.

4. Reduce the travel time of vehicles: The concrete transportation distance is generally within 30 kilometers in diameter. Plan the route and vehicle traffic before leaving the vehicle.
auto self loading concrete mixer truck
5. Reduce loss and discharge first: If you encounter human factors or force majeure that cause unloading for a long time, once you find that the concrete starts to condense, you are responsible for the method of mixing the automatic feeding mixer to prevent sticking. Discharge immediately afterwards to prevent the entire tank from being scrapped. Let the mixing tank run at full speed for a minute or two before discharging. Let the concrete mix well, and if necessary, add some water to make the concrete mix more evenly and facilitate unloading. Don't carelessly have a good relationship with the unloading workers. When discharging, try to watch it by yourself, so that the discharging operator will not operate the discharging operation lever indiscriminately, and try to stop every time the can is in the middle position when the can is reversed to protect the reducer, supporting wheels, etc. Have a good relationship with the feeder, and don’t sleep too well when unloading. In case the worker is upset, it will be troublesome to put your car on the construction site without turning the tank.

6. The mixing tank must be rinsed carefully. When washing the tank, be sure to rinse it carefully, and turn the water forward and reverse twice, and then let it out. Then put all the water in the tank into the tank during one trip, and then return to the station to add water to clean the tank.

The above are the things that must be done to drive the automatic feeding mixer, and the details must be done well.
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